Farewell (for a time)

Every day I count my blessings.

Writing has been a labor of love for me.  Through this online blog I learned much about mental health and mental illnesses. I have come to love, enjoy and need the writing experience.  Yet it is time to move on: This web site will remain online, but I will no longer be posting new material here.

Thank you to my readers who followed From Shame-To Healing over the years; especially to my immediate and extended families. How I appreciated your interest and encouragement!

I will continue to write, but Iā€™m turning now to another passion:  Cooking and all that cooking, enjoying food, and living on this earth encompasses.  Look for me online again ā€“ Perhaps in six months. The working title is Soups and Salads: Flavored with Love. In their varieties they are endless and imaginative, and through them one may address so many timely food issues. Soups and salads are among my favorite foods.

I am excited and invigorated by this new direction.  For me, this is a wonderful challenge and opportunity.
Gail Louise