I See Clearly Now

I see clearly now. I understand clearly now.

Sexual assault is the gift that keeps on giving.

It’s all about power. I have power, you don’t.

And power concedes nothing.

Sexual abuse, assault and harassment are acts of conquest, subjugation and violence.

Sexual abuse, assault and harassment are crimes, regardless of the law and the verdict.

When I reported the crime to my parents, they had a meeting with the criminal.

An apology was rendered to my parents. Never to me. 

When I spoke of the crime to two men, I was greeted with silence. One man was a professional helper. The other man was a loved one. Not even a glance my way.

Yes, they heard me, but they choose not to acknowledge what I said to them. They gave me no sympathy. There was no sharing of the raw hurt, humiliation, and outrage I felt.

My outrage grew.

Maya Angelou said, people will not remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel. 

I give financial support to shelters for abused people and organizations working to end abuse, incest, sex trafficking and other forms of sexual violence.  Please join me.

Thank you kindly,
Gail Louise