Some people say they are Christian and attend church, but that does not mean they practice the teachings of Christ.

Some people say they are family men, but if their super bowl team does not win, they bash their wives, partners, and/or children after the game.

Some people say “I’m just joking”, but the jokes are at the other person’s expense. Witnesses are silent.

Some people say, I love you, or sign their cards, Love …. But their love is conditional. Their love has terms, expectations, and demands.

Some people say they love their spouse/partner then criticize what the person wears in clothes, the color of their hair, and what they say and do. In front of others. Sometimes in front of others of the same family. Witnesses are silent.

Some people say they gave a lot to others. They wanted, expected, and sought gratitude. And object loudly when they do not get the gratitude they wanted, expected and sought.

Reality check.

Thank you kindly,
Gail Louise